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NEW STYLE CHOICES! You spoke and we listened. We are now offering our dog collar bells in 2 styles.

1) For the working/hunting dogs or dogs that run in thick, wooden areas, we have brought back our leather, permanently stapled closure. You'll need to take off the dogs collar each time you want to put the bell on. It is designed to not come apart.

2) For the recreational dog, we have with 1” weather resistant, low maintenance, easy to clean, Brahma Webb material, available in Black, Red or Hunter Orange. It has heavy duty snap for you to quickly attach to your dogs collar or harness.

These bells emit a sound that is easily heard from a distance, even in the thickest grasses or darkest night. This bell is the #4 Bell Tone, best for large dogs or hunting dogs. The loop will snap over collars up to 1 1/2 inches wide.

**Also fits on horse halters, cow and goat collars, belts and even kids!**

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(40 reviews) Write a Review

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    we have used your bells on our dog collars for years. Love them

    Posted by RUTH MERRILL on 30th Aug 2020

    We have used your bells on our dog collars for years. Love them!

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    Well Made and Just Loud Enough

    Posted by Ray Thiel on 17th Jul 2020

    I bought this bell in hopes that it won't clog up with snow this winter. My dog doesn't like her beeper collar. The sounds it makes are either too loud or too distracting. I have a 32 pound young female Brittany and this bell is perfect for her. The leather strap is thick and held together by rugged hardware. I don't think it will come apart in the field any time soon. I I've used it in the fields and woods, and the volume of the bell is good over her normal range even in thick cover. Can't wait to try it in the snow.

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    Love this bell!

    Posted by Kristin Erickson on 2nd Jun 2020

    We bought one of these bells at Zeb's in North Conway a few years ago mostly as a novelty item because the sound is so relaxing. Little did we know how much it would help keep track of our dog when hiking or walking in the woods! Recently, our dog managed to lose the bell in the woods (our dog returned to to us as we heard the bell in the distance - some happy squirrel is now wearing it). I was so happy when I found your website and was able to order a replacement online! Love this bell. And, thank you for shipping it so quickly.

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    Bell #4

    Posted by Samantha on 14th May 2020

    Lovely bell, beautifully made and sound carries. It’s a nice ringing vs one that drives you mad or hurts your ears. I love that I can alert everyone around that we are approaching in a non aggressive way.

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    Dog collar bell size #2

    Posted by Gary Stearns on 26th Dec 2019

    I recently contacted the shop for help with deciding which bell(s) to get for my Labradors collar. I believe it was Sandy that answered and helped me. She helped decide which bell size to go and even "rang" them over the phone for me to give me an idea of the tone of each. She even suggested two of the size #2 for Louie's collar. I placed the order Thursday night, just a few days before Christmas and still had them by Christmas Eve day. I have got many compliments on them since. The snap very securely over his collar and seem to be of excellent quality. I love the sound they make as well. Thank you New England Bells!

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    Hunting bell

    Posted by Thomas Applebee on 18th Nov 2019

    Very well constructed. Superior quality plan on buying more

  • 5
    #4 dog collar bell

    Posted by Ray Smith on 4th Oct 2019

    The bell is very carefully and solidly made. First I thought the size and weight might be too much for our small boned Australian cattle dog, but that was not the case and it works just fine. Ordering was a breeze, too -- no button pushing or endless time on hold as Sandy, a real human being, picked up immediately and handled the whole order. That makes a big difference. Thanks.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2019

    The quality and sound are fabulous

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    Listen to your Dog!

    Posted by Marc Migliore on behalf of Quinebaug's Rocket Van Mauser on 30th Oct 2018

    Quinebaug's Rocket Van Mauser wears his #4 bell proudly for all of his upland hunting forays since his first "professional" outing in early 2016. He loves the way his hunting companion never becomes weary of the pleasant sound which carries quite a distance through leafy autumn woods, brush thickets and tall grass. Unaffected by charging through deep snow, his partner never loses his location and direction. The New England Bell is rugged, like Mauser, with it's improved attachment system and tough leather loop. He won't use any other bell. In addition to his utilitarian approach to hunting implements, Mauser has an eye for old-school fashion.