Wholesale Customers

3 Ways to Place a Wholesale Order!


**NEW** 1) Place your order through Faire:


2) Fax, Email or Phone your order (Contact us for our Wholesale Catalog)


3) We now take your wholesale orders through our web site! 


Please follow these easy steps to set up your account.

1) Set up a new account with your company name.

2) Email or phone us, so we can set your account to wholesale. or 603-938-2746

3) Once we verify your company, you will be able to order directly from our site.


When Checking out:

Shipping: CLICK ON

 Wholesale Accounts only $0.00
We will not know the total shipping until the items have been boxed up and weighed. 

How Would You Like to Pay? CLICK ON

Order Instructions/Comments:  
ONLY PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD if your order is over $500. Otherwise, I will call for your credit card information, once I know what the shipping amount will be. 
Net Due 30 days will be available to customers who have established credit with us. Those with terms with us, will get an invoice placed in your shipment.